What Is An Insurance Appraisal? Should I Go To Appraisal?


If it is included in your policy, it is usually recommended to invoke Appraisal.


An Insurance Appraisal is essentially a procedure granted to the parties in an Insurance Policy to have the disputed amount of property damage losses determined in a faster, less expensive method than resorting to litigation.


Whether the loss was caused by fire, flood, windstorm, theft or any other casualty, the dispute can be resolved through the appraisal process. 


The appraisal clause can be found in nearly every homeowners' policies, in every policy covering commercial buildings, in all business policies, as well as in every renters' policy. Historically, the procedure provided by the appraisal clause has been invoked more often by insurers who generally have greater familiarity with the terms and conditions of their policies, although insureds have recently looked more to post-loss appraisal  as a means of resolving damage disputes.
Unlike a trial, or even arbitration, appraisal is usually handled on an informal basis. However, despite its informal nature, there are many potential dangers in an appraisal to those who are not fully versed in the intricacies of insurance or how a claim should properly be presented.


Our Company is highly experienced and knowledgable in such Appraisals and provides representation fo Appraisals.


It is important to note that certain Insurance Companies do not offer the Appraisal Process as part of their Policy. It is strongly recommended and advised that you select a pollicy that has the Appraisal provision included. Without the Appraisal Provision, you are really placed in an inferior position if you are not satisfied with the payment made by the Insurance Company. At that point your options are really only Litigation or Mediation, neither of which is great alternative to Appraisal.