Stellar Adjusting Services has a team of professionals waiting to explain the insurance claim process. Allstate homeowner insurance policies or other commercial property insurance coverage claims in South Florida is best handled directly with an Public Adjuster in your local area. The Public Ajudster understands the dynamics of the property location and the specific on your Allstate insurance policy and claim.


We posted a quick snapshot on our website regarding the Allstate insurance website. The give a overview of the valuable resources available on the Allstate insurance site regarding the insurance claim process.


Here's an excerpt from the site:



Allstate Website Resource On the Allstate website you can clearly locate a PROPERTY tab. Hover over the tab and you will see several areas relating to property insurance. Those areas are Homeowners Insurance, Condominium Insurance, Renters Insurance, Home Insurance Claims, Property Tools & Resources, and Landlord Property Insurance. When you click on the Homeowners Insurance tab you'll quickly notice that the sidebar offers several other pages with relevant content relating to these topics. For example, Insuring Your Home's Structure, Personal Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, Guest Medical Coverage, and Flood Insurance. Allstate insurance has resources explaining each of these topics and us as Public Adjusters will further explain how this relates to your claim.


File a claim with Allstate How the Allstate website, when you hover over the PROPERTY tab you will notice a Home Insurance Claims tab, click on this. This tab opens another window and that window prompts users to enter their zipcode. This will then display the most common and costly types of claims in your area. As an experiment we entered our office zipcode - 33180. This is what appeared:

Common Type of Damage - Average Cost

Wind - $9,823.00

Water Damage - $11,617.00

Physical Damage - $3,951.00

Theft/Burglary - $4,443.00

Mysterious Disappearance - $4,781.00

Most Costly Damage - Average Cost

Leakage - $72,380.00

Dog Bite (Liability) - $31,542.00

Building Collapse - $30,000.00

Flood - $22,224.00

Theft Schedules Property - $21,159.00

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