Insurance Claim Denial - Public Adjusters Help with the Denial Letter




Insurance companies like Allstate, State Farm, and Citizens are businesses like any other, they have a duty to cover their interest regarding the insurance policy. When an owner receives an insurance claim denial letter it can be frustrating and confusing.


It does not mean that the denial is sent without reason, there might be a difference of fact.


There are many times a denial letter is sent because the insurance company has based their decision on facts that would warrant a denial. As an example, this often occurs in situations when a flood is reported when actually it was a broken pipe or mold is reported when it was actually it was water damage from a leak causing the mold. These subtle difference can mean the difference to receiving coverage or receiving a denial letter from the insurance company.


Public Adjusters understand the details and carefully review every step of the process to give the public their best foot forward during the claim process or in responding to a denial letter.