Jewelry - Proper documentation is essential

We’ve gone over many different aspects to proper homeowners insurance, coverage, and claims. It’s very common for homeowners to rush to the assumption that their personal property is included in a homeowners policy. It’s true that some damages that affects personal property might fall under certain coverages; however, it’s recommended that a homeowner contact a professional to get the specifics on their policy. When it comes to personal property it’s crucial to properly document each item.


The documentation should include, but is not limited to the following:

1. Description of the item

2. Quantity of the item if appropriate

3. The replacement cost/value

4. Where it was purchased

5. Where the item was located in the home

6. Does it need to be repaired or replaced

7. Any supporting documents of ownership and value – photos, receipts, videos, print outs of similar items.

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