Broken Pipe - File a claim today.


A very common issue in homes that are new or aging are weak pipes. Sometimes the pressure becomes so great that the pipe bursts and causes water to accumulate or other damage to property. This can happen under a sink, in the bathroom, and even inside walls and under flooring. The exterior pipes are a lot easier to fix and require less work than the interior pipe damage. This can be particularly problematic when the pipe breaks underneath the floor.


Imagine this happening under your floor, it’s important to replace and clean the flooring.



This type of break is surprisingly very common and insurance companies have seen this thousands of times. When a pipe breaks under the floor and you’re ready to file an insurance claim , make sure to call an adjuster first. The insurance companies typically deal with this type of damage by requesting that the pipes be replaced on the exterior rather than it’s original interior location. Think about it, if the pipe has to be replaced under the floor it’s a huge expensive.


In this scenario it’s not only the pipe that needs repair, but now the floor must be replaced because it has to be destroyed to get to the pipes. This is not only inconvenient for the homeowner, but it’s means the insurance company has to pay a lot more money out to the property owner. So, what are you entitled to be compensated for in this type of situation?


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